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Eggbun is a new paradigm in getting stuff done fast. Merging code and NoCode into a single unified experience. Get your whole team in the same space for effortless collaboration.

Stop wasting time juggling hundreds of tools.
Start shipping on day 1.

It's 100% free to use while in beta.


What is EggBun?

EggBun is a new kind of development environment. It takes power of all your NoCode tools like Webflow, Figma, and Spline and combines it with the power of an advanced Code Editor into a single new paradigm.
  • A powerful NoCode web browser that powers up your NoCode tools and puts them front and centre.
  • An advanced code editor that makes setting up new projects take seconds instead of weeks.
  • Go from starting a new project to shipping in less than one day.

A Powerful Web Browser

We're building a secure web browser specifically tailored to working with all the NoCode tools you use to run your startup.


Map out your NoCode tools along side your code, and deeply integrate exported code from Webflow and Figma into your GitHub repo.

Meet Code

Have clear boundaries of ownership and make interacting with git seamless and easy for non-technical team members.

An Advanced Code Editor

VSCode is great, it's taken over the software engineering especially for web-based technologies. We've deeply integrated the internals right into Eggbun, taken care of the hard parts configuring a new project, and then turbo charged auto complete and hover insights.

Build Anything

Build desktop apps, full stack web apps, chrome extensions, and more with pre-built configurations. Built in visual UIs for git, npm, and more so you can build anything without getting caught up on boilerplate and configuration headaches.

DevLink and More

Set up DevLink and keep it in sync with just a few clicks. Organize your exported components inside your Webflow Project and import and use them right in your Typescript files. It's seamless and easy.

Already Configured

Don't spend time searching the VSCode market place and configuring extensions, we've configured best practices and useful functionality right into EggBun. Lint, Auto-format on save, Typescript hinting and more.

Don’t just take our word for it

What are people saying?
"Did someone say they wanted an unofficial Webflow desktop app with deep DevLink integration and tons of other code and NoCode features and goodies?Will have a way to get your hands on it in a few weeks. Here’s an early sneak peek"
"Ooh! I want it, I want it all!!"
Aaron Grieve
"This is like watching the future of our Webflow lives unfold in front of our eyes Count me in as a tester please! 👀 🤯"
Glenn at TheFlow
"Can I be first in line?  haha"
Austin Thesing
"this will be insane!"
"visually drooling 🤤"
Yogesh Zinzuvadia